A Novel Los Angeles


Writer Chad Moore novel, deresolution: an urban parable, reflects life in Los Angeles. With each chapter being syndicated on his blog in order to reach a wider audience, and a move that reminds me of radio programs from the early 20th century that keep you hooked, deresolution: an urban parable is already peppered with familiarities to those of us who call Los Angeles home: the commute home, our cell phone as companion, familiar streets and sounds. With two chapters online thus far we see the beginning of Moore’s character Renzo start to come to life: he leaves work, cleans up, and gets ready to go out into the insanity of Los Angeles. Good read – even for those who don’t live here.

Excerpt from the Prelude:

Los Angeles is a place of complex dimension.

The city spreads itself unashamedly across the floor of the valley, an interwoven tapestry of disparate enclaves, each with its own unique metropolitan veneer. East side Victorian neighborhoods ease into the coastal towns with their windswept summer cottages, and always there is the slow rise northward towards the hills where the terraced, silver-screen estates enshroud houses with small, mysterious windows. All of this is connected with a concrete web of roads and superhighways, frequently stacked three and four high and rising hundreds of feet into the air, their massive supports like the columns in some strange, neo-modern temple where the virtues of speed and motion are praised above all others…

There’s another dimension, one less quantifiable, a place of feeling and memory that mirrors the world of real things. Suffused with legend and melancholy, it reflects what has come before and what will come after, with shifting patterns of light and shadow that one might mistake for clouds or phantoms. And sometimes, in those strange moments between day and twilight, it becomes necessary to pass through one world in order to navigate the other.

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