It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here


Wondering why it’s so damn hot? (Yeah, yeah I know, an Incovenient Truth). Well, as I sit here at the gallery with my two newly purchased fans, I’m certainly wondering why we’ve had August weather since the beginning of June. And I’m from Florida – like a lizard I like the heat but this is too much. The LAT has a run-down of our record temps and what’s causes us to sizzle this summer. I mean, we’re in the middle of the second hottest summer on record! Oh, and get ready, predictions are that this heat will last through October. That is, of course, if everything doesn’t just burn.

Southern California relies on the sea breezes and cloud cover from the ocean to cool the climate during the late spring and early summer.

But this year, hot air from northern Mexico’s deserts and moisture from the Gulf of California have moved in, keeping out the cool air and heating things up. The hot spring and summer are a continuation of about eight years of warming conditions in the west, Patzert said, adding that the last time the Southland saw such a sustained heat trend was in the 1950s and ’60s.

…Temperatures are expected to hit 96 degrees in downtown L.A. today and 103 in Pasadena and other parts of the San Gabriel Valley. But that’s relatively cool compared with the 110 and 109 degrees that Woodland Hills and Lancaster, respectively, are expected to experience.

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  1. This level of heat is what I refer to as “Satan’s Nutsack”.
    *sprays water on self*

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