Midnight Ridazz Presents: Pizza Delivery to the Mafia

164053042_5afc26ad9e_m.jpgIt’s the second Friday o’ the month, which means that tonight is Midnight Ridazz. I will go to my grave despising the name, but I love the idea and I’m really looking forward to my first time riding with an unstoppable 600 person group. A sizeable IAAL/MAF contingent will be there, so if you’re looking for trouble keep an eye out for us. And we may be stopping for Juicy Yumburgers at Jollibee on the way home if you’re looking for a post ride nosh.

Midnight Ridazz presents:

Friday, July 14
Meet 9:30, Ride at 10
Pioneer Chicken, Echo Park & Sunset
Ending in Hancock Park

Rules of Ridazz:
No Rida left behind – stay together and help each other out.
Respect our communities; don’t trash them.
When we say Midnight Ridazz, you say Ride On!

Midnight Ridazz happens the 2nd Friday of every month.
To subscribe: mail.bicyclekitchen.com/mailman/listinfo/ridazz
Photo by Will Campbell

6 thoughts on “Midnight Ridazz Presents: Pizza Delivery to the Mafia”

  1. I just moved to Hollywood recently and have always wanted to try this. Any tips on where I can meet people into this and find a decent bike for cheap? I’d hate to show up all loner style, looks creepy.

  2. G, first off, there’s nothing wrong with rolling solo. But you can kill two birds with one stone: Visit the Bicycle Kitchen on Heliotrope just north of Melrose (bicyclekitchen.com) and not only can they help you revive a lost bike for little green, but you’ll meet people who’ll be happy to share your interest in the monthly Midnight Ridazz ride. Worst comes to worse you can hook up with us next month.

  3. Hey Don. Maybe next time you can join! :)

    G, not sure where to point you for a cheap bike. Both mine and my girlfriend’s came from Target and were pretty darn cheap. If you’re looking for something fancier, I’d try Craig’s List. As for showing up alone, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s a very, very friendly vibe and you’d probably meet plenty of people. You might try checking out some of the smaller rides around town to meet people that also go to the big ride. Six of fourteen people fro Thursday’s Downtown Art Ride were there, as were quite a few people from the last NELAart.org Spoke(n) Art ride in Highland Park.

    For the record, the Bicycle Kitchen blog is saying 1,350 people which puts my guess of 600 to shame.

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