How to have a successful LAX Layover

A few months back Wayan from Washington DC sent me a note saying he had just scheduled a trip which included a few hour layover at LAX and asked for some suggestions on how to spend it. After he told me it was a weekday evening, I told him he was pretty much SOL, since LAX is a solid hour from anything at rush hour. It turns out I was very wrong. Turns out it’s just long enough to make it to Venice Beach and enter the Body Shot Zone, Wayan details the experience minute by minute:

  • 7:17 pm To the delight of the entire bar, the two hotties order shots, lime, and salt and then proceed to do body shots off each other, licking the salt of each other’s ample bosom. I immediately dial American Airlines and try to change my flight to the next morning.
  • 7:21 pm My phone is taken from me as my face is shoved into a warm caress of boobage and salt, I have entered the Body Shot Zone. Time, space, flesh melds into a cornucopia of lights, sounds, tastes as salt, lime, tequila, sweat, and saliva mix.
  • 7:45 pm My heaven on Earth is shattered by the piercing ring of my phone alarm, alerting me to my impending flight I failed to change. I take the only responsible action, I turn off my phone.