Wasps vs Spider

I’ve noticed a lot of wasps around my backdoor and didn’t even see this new wasp condo until last night.


This morning I came out to inspect it a little better and saw this spider watching them. I waited for quite a while to see what would happen. Was the spider going to try to go after the wasps? Was he after their tasty, tasty young’uns?

Nothin’ … the spider just sat there. Didn’t even move. I took a whole series of photos.

Would the wasps put the slapdown on him? Would the they beat the silk out of the spider? Would the venom be flyin’? I could have made my own movie ala Demonio Rio!

In reality, I’m faced (well, The Man is) with taking down this wasps nest … there are a lot of places I’ll tolerate wasps, right above the back door is not one of them. Anyone have any tips besides wait until after nightfall and blast them with some bug spray? (At least it’s not as big as this one shown on CNN.)

Yes … I’m obsessed with the 6 and 8 legged critters around my house right now.
UPDATE: Wasps have been abated! Thanks to everyone for the solid advice of waiting until after dark. The Man did the deed after 9PM and it seems to be 100% successful.

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  1. I got stung hard twice within seconds of hitting a nest with supposed sure-fire wasp-killing spray from a good 6 feet away once. Wasps hate dying, and they spend every last tiny breath seeking revenge.

    Make sure you have a good path for fleeing.

  2. It reminds me of when I worked at the Universal Studios Tour a couple of decades ago. Wasps discovered the concession stands and would crawl up into the nozzles on the soft drink dispensers.

    There would often be one employee whose sole job it was to go from spigot to spigot with a cup of Boiling Death (er, hot water) that they would use to clear out the wasps that would gather inside the spout.

    And woe to the tourist who didn’t look carefully into their cup of Diet Coke before taking a swig.

  3. I have two fears in this world…. Insects that sting and birds. The fact that Universal has issues with wasps in the spigots has me more petrified and grossed out than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

    I can never watch the cheesy tour again :(

  4. Last Saturday night around midnight I went out to my backyard to shut my garage door. As I reached up, I saw the same wasp condo you have in your picture. Complete with baby-wasp larvae (eewww). I was so tired I decided to deal with it the next morning. As I lay in the bed, all I could picture were those larvae hatching overnight. Obviously I couldn’t sleep, so at 12:30 at night I’m outside in my pj’s with some malathion spray. I was afraid they may swarm me, but they must be dormant at night. They just fell dead to the ground. I went to bed & slept like a baby with the aroma of malathion in my nostrils. The next morning I knocked down their creepy honeycomb abode. Whatever your course of action is, do it at night!!

  5. we had a wasp enter our home last week through a screen window. it had a spider in its mouth. it was the most terrifying thing ever. i actually managed to trap it and take it back outside (i was being charitable), and withing a half an hour it was back in the house. that’s when i knew i had to take it down. now we’re scared to open the windows ever again, even though it’s so hot.

  6. I had a Wasp nest right outside my front door last week,I’m watching T.V., and one came flying in the living room, I had to chase it down with a rolled up Eastbay catalog, but I got it, I knocked the nest down, but one keeps finding a way in, even with the screendoor closed airtight. All I have to say is hit and run… run, like hell.

  7. If that spider get’s any closer it’ll be screaming
    “Help Me” like “The Fly”. Oh the horror, Oh the Irony.

  8. Whatever you do, do it at night if you care to get rid of them. Here’s some info I found on yellowjackets:

    Sanitation( to eliminate possible food sources) is important to reduce build up of foraging population during the summer to mid autumn .

    Trash containers should be kept closed and open containers should be emptied regularly.

    Nests should be located during the day, so you can see the workers entering and exiting all day. Mark the entry points.
    Any treatments should be done at night, because they are all in the nest. They don’t see well at night and your chances of being stung are greatly reduced.

    Treat the nest with a pyrethrum aerosols such as: CB-80 PYRETHRUM or Cessco 5E

    Pyrethrum forms a gas which will fill the cavity, killing the yellow jackets.

    Check the nest the following day, to see if the yellow jackets are indeed dead by lack of activity.
    It may be necessary to repeat treatment.
    If all the yellow jackets are gone, dust in the opening with Drione Dust or Delta Dust . This dust will leave a residue to continue to kill for months and eliminate any hatch outs.

    With a little care and caution, yellow jackets can be easily and safely eliminated.

  9. Man, it would be badass to see a bunch of spiders take on some wasps. That being said, my dad got rid of wasps the environmentally friendly way… with a big ass jar. I’m still not exactly sure how he did it, but he would just seal ’em up in a jar. It was awesome as a kid to watch them in the jar… a little morbid as they suffocated to death, but still cool nonetheless.

  10. What you have there is a miracle of arachnidia known as a jumping spider, and indeed it can kick some serious ass on just about any prey item it seeks out. No web spinners these. They hunt and stalk and can launch themselves and pull winged things such as flies and those wasps right out of the air. I am particularly enamored with these guys because they have no fear at all and will turn and face off against just about anything that comes at ’em including full grown humans. Watch ’em closely and you can see them watching you, siizing you up. Fortunately they are dangerous only to stuff they can eat.

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