Volcom 2006 Holiday Fashion Show…


About three weeks ago, I went to the Volcom Store in L.A. to photograph Tristan Prettyman (MySpace)’s performance at Volcom‘s 2006 Holiday Fashion Show (presented by Teen Vogue).


Now, the opportunity to photograph a fashion show had never presented itself, particularly for someone like me who has grown accustomed to photographing more adult-oriented fare like E3 and Erotica L.A. So a fashion show, and especially one that catered to teenaged girls no less, was a rather surreal experience to say the least, particularly when the average attendee was probably well over half my age!

But if anything, I now know a little more about teenage fashion.

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Going back to the San Diego native and surfer girl, Tristan’s next performances in town will be in late September at The Wiltern LG, when she opens for Ray Lamontagne (MySpace) and Guster (MySpace).

More photos of the fashion show here and Tristan’s performance here.

4 thoughts on “Volcom 2006 Holiday Fashion Show…”

  1. You mean well UNDER half your age, don’t you?

    And it’s good of you to become so well-versed in teen fashion…you know, for when you go to those all-ages clubs looking to score…

  2. hehe. that first pic is of a previous winner of America’s Next Top Model.

    (hides head in shame for knowing this)

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