Underdog Book Signing @ Puppies and Babies


The only thing that makes my heart swell more than a dog is a dog with something very special or strange about him/her – the underdog. Not that my boys are underdogs but they are small and more atypical of what people normally think of as a “dog” (lab, rott, etc.). In celebration of the underdog, pet photographer Jim Dratfield has created the book, aptly titled, “Underdogs,” and will be signing copies of this book and “Day of the Daschund” at Puppies and Babies this Sunday:

If people love anything, it’s the underdog – every kind of underdog, whether it’s a dog or not. We recognize that beauty is more than skin deep-or fur deep. We appreciate dogs of indeterminate lineage, with mottled fur, too-large ears, or strange little bodies; we love dogs who look like impish little children or grumpy old men. Underdogs is their book-a celebration of funny faces and singular shapes, of uncommon breeds and unrecognized mixed-breeds. Underdogs is a charming, touching, and occasionally hilarious look at what we really love about dogs-the true companionship that comes from great character.

Jim Dratfield Book Signing @ Puppies and Babies
Sunday, July 16 from 5-8pm
*he’ll be offering rare opportunities to book a private photo session in your home!
**Puppies and Babies is also offering 10% off everything you buy that night (books and sale merch excluded)