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The last time the Oakland-based group The Lovemakers (MySpace) were in town in December, they opened for She Wants Revenge (MySpace) at The Troubadour.

Fastforward to this past Saturday night, and The Lovemakers returned as the headliners, backed by openers Kissing Tigers (MySpace) and Astra Heights (MySpace). Digressing for a bit, I chatted with Eugene from Kissing Tigers afterwards and it turns out that his band was formed at my ‘ol stomping grounds of Isla Vista (Santa Barbara), just like Ugly Kid Joe and Dishwalla.


Now, since I suck ass at reviewing shows, I’ll defer to this review:

Yesterday we went to the Troubadour to see the bands play again. We missed the first band, but saw Astra Heights and The Lovemakers play. (My new song on my page is by the Lovemakers, the song was way too catchy). Oh so driving to West Hollywood is always fun, and parking is always fun to find. We were downstairs for the first part of the concert and upstairs on the balcony for the second part (and with our alcohol, which did not taste like alcohol whatsoever, so sad). It was so loud up there. It was fine at first but then you could feel all the vibrations and then my right ear went funky so everything sounded a little muffled. So that was the fun last night.

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And this one:

i just got back from probably the best show i’ve ever seen at the troubadour – the lovemakers. with their infectious beats and melodies tailored to entice fans of indie, electronica, and pop music — it encompassed a good mixture of music fans. all gathered together at one of the best venues to see a live show… i believe the troubadour has one of the best soundsystems ever. and it was so great to catch my first live show of the lovemakers there.

we stood front row center… and made sure we used that space properly… meaning we danced so much and sang the lyrics to the songs we knew…took a million photos… it was awesome. it was nothing short of amazing. great energy, loads of sexiness, and songs that command you to get up and dance your sexy ass off…

…all freakin’ night.


And this one:

So we took the trip to Hell-A and saw one of our fav bands, The Lovemakers, tonight at the Troubadour. The opening bands totally kicked ass and had good energy, and the Lovemakers did not disappoint.

The Lovemakers have one album out that is really, really good, but I think their history makes them even more interesting. A good friend once told me that it was important that, when reflecting back on memories, you just remembered the good stuff because it’s not worth it to regurgitate the bad. I thought about this tonight while watching the band. The two lead singers were originally in another band but kicked out because they started dating – hence, “The Lovemakers.” However, something at some point went awry and they broke up. So their whole album is about the thrill and rush of falling in love, knowing that things aren’t working out and the end is near, and finally, dealing with the fallout of the romance.

But it’s more complicated as they now have this successful band, so it’s as if you can really feel their pain in their music (“Falling Apart” is particularly heart-wrenching), but it’s still fun to listen to. Their shows are the icing on the cake, though, as they are very . . . passionate about each other which comes out in interesting ways. To look past all the hurt and pain and still be professional is really admirable.


More photos here.

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