The Calimari Demons of Mexico

According to a reader suggestion, the people from Shark Diver have produced a film about giant squid diving that’s premiering in Hollywood later this month. I can’t find anything about it on their site, but I did find the page where you-your-very-own-self can go diving with the “Red Demon” Giant Squids of Mexico! At $2,200 a person, it’s not cheap. But how freaking crazy fantastic would it be?! If you doubt me, just read this:

They are notorious cannibals. They have been called the most opportunistic killers in the sea. They have been observed employing cooperative hunting techniques, yet they will not hesitate to gorge upon one another should they sense the slightest possible opening. This is the wild world of the Giant Squid, and we can take you there!

This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder how I ever lived without being near the ocean.

UPDATE: Here’s the site and trailer for the film, Demonio Rio. If that’s your speed, there’s a free screening on July 25th at the Hollywood Pacific Theater. I’m just glad to finally find out what the Hollywood Pacific Theater is!

5 thoughts on “The Calimari Demons of Mexico”

  1. I watched the trailer too and I found it laughable and if I didn’t know it was made buy a bunch of divers, I would have thought it was a spoof.

    Maybe the film will be good for camp value alone, but I don’t care much for the overlay of human morals and values on the animal kingdom. As if cannibalism is a “bad” thing …

  2. Am I blind? Where is the squid movie trailer? The only movie I can find is the shark diving one on the main page.

    As if cannibalism is a “bad” thing…

    I don’t know if you’re being facetious, but given that diseases like Mad Cow and Kuru are linked to cannibalism I would say it probably is! :)

  3. Dude, when I blogged about the squid diving last month I didn’t know they made a movie! LOL!

    D’oh! I knew it sounded familiar but I didn’t have time to search for it before I posted. C’est la vie.

  4. Just so you know the Sea of Demons film is actually producer by Gone to Baja Productions and Sea Wolves Unlimited. As for it looking “campy” I can only imagine that you saw a different trailer than the one on This film is produced and editing by the same hollywood production company that has produced a number of documentarys for Discovery and National Geographic. I hope you will all come out and see the World Premier at the Hollywood Pacific Theater this coming Tuesday at 8pm.

    — Jason

    info on the theater and their address can be found here:

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