Spring Cleaning, A Little Late

Up until a few weeks ago, we had a cat. He was a very large cat. He was 23 pounds of orange lovableness. We acquired him in that condition, when a roomate moved out, leaving him in our custody until we could send him on to his new home with a friend of mine in Seattle. (By the way, if any of you are ever cargo shipping an animal, call your local airline. We sent ours via Alaska, but many airlines will oblige.) We miss him very much, because my remaining roomate and I loved him, but he needed to go to a new home.

Unfortunately, a large cat means a large amount of cat fur. And this cat had fur like an orange sea otter. So for weeks, I’ve been half-assedly trying, via Google searches and Yellow Pages listings, to find a way to rent a hardcore vacuum, and spend a weekend removing the coating that still remains in our apartment. All I want is to rent one of those amazing vacuums like you see on TV, because my miniature Hoover isn’t quite cutting it. The question is – where do I, as a civilian, just rent a professional cleaning vacuum for the weekend? How is this so difficult to find in a megalopolis the size of L.A.?

If anyone has any suggestions as to where to get a very large, powerful vacuum on a very short term basis, please tell me. It’s very very difficult to be goth in a house containing cat fur. I realized in this process that goths don’t have black cats for the witchcraft association. They have them because any other color of cat fur shows up on your black wardrobe, and really just ruins the effect.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, A Little Late”

  1. Like the industral 4 horse power wet/dry vacuums? Let me know if you’d like to borrow mine. It should handle the job just fine. Email me davidneudorfer (at) mac.com

  2. Oh I do feel your pain. I have my own two balls of fur (18lbs and 25lbs) that have been shedding like mad for 10 years in my place.

    I’m finally at the point where I’m just throwing my hands up and replacing the carpet.

    Otherwise, one thing I’ve found that really helps is to actually sweep the carpet. It works better at getting the cat hair up out of the pile.

  3. Drewb is right om the money. I bought a broom at a Lowes hardware store that has rubber bristles and it works wonders at digging pet hair out of the carpet pile and then just a regular vacuum.

  4. Although it would seem logical, vacuuming is not efficient for picking up large amounts of cat hair. The rubber bristle broom is a good idea. We use one of those oval-faced red lint brushes to brush the hair off our carpeted stairs and also the bedclothes, then pick up the giant mounds of it by hand. It’s really the only way.

    Trying to suck it all up with the vacuum takes forever and won’t get all the hair.

    An entirely different approach: figure out what you would have paid for the vacuum rental and call a cleaning service. Tell them all you want is for them to focus on pet hair removal and see what they will charge you.

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