Rocket At The Three Clubs…


Tony described the L.A.-based band Rocket (MySpace) as such:

Rocket… is an all-female party-pop group from Hollywood who are as cute as they are adorable. How you can resist a dual-guitar attack? But then add to that mix the lead singer whaling on the key-tar and then tell me you’ve seen it all.

A throw-back to the girl groups who sing about it being their party and they’ll cry if they want to — without actually crying at all — Rocket write their own tunes and even cover the Ramones beautifully on their debut ep on Silverlake’s Teenacide Records. Just don’t tell them that you’re from the 8-1-8.


Indeed, Rocket has become a recent favorite of mine after I first saw them open with Hello Stranger (MySpace) for Morningwood (MySpace) at The Roxy, and I saw them again this past Thursday at The Three Clubs. I’m not a big fan of high-falutin places, so a dive bar like this one (especially with cheap drinks) will always rank high on my list. Seems that other people agree with me on that front.

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But back to Rocket. I chatted with lead singer Lauren before the show, and even though they were probably tired from performing earlier in the day in San Diego’s blistering heat, they were nevertheless excited to be a part of the Warped Tour through this Sunday in Portland.

Today they will be performing as part of the Warped Tour at Dodger Stadium, and their next performances in town are in August at The Alter-Knit Lounge (at The Knitting Factory) and Safari Sam’s.

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