Happy Websday

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s freakin’ webby in my little corner of the world. I go out the door in the morning and there are just errant spider web strands all over the place … and don’t get me started about going into the back yard. I’m doing the little oogly-is-there-a-spider-on-me-dance two or three times a trip. I’m finding web strands on my car and of course there are little orbs on the trees and across any open space between bushes.

I’m all for spiders, don’t get me wrong, but are they on steroids right now? What’s caused this spider-explosion?

See my previous “spider inventory.”
Photo credit– from gullevek

6 thoughts on “Happy Websday”

  1. Yeah, the plants on my porch are filled with spiderwebs, and I try to get rid of them frequently.

  2. When I go to wheel the garbage out to the street, every friggin’ week, these gargantuan suckers have put webs across my path. These are not ordinary webs, either, but some kind of super-strength space web that, I swear, would slit my throat open if I walked into it too fast.

    I admire spiders too, and commend them for their efforts in eradicating the bug population, but I do wish they would go about their business in a slightly more convenient spot.

    I’ve noticed since I’ve moved down here that they seem to proliferate and become very busy when the weather gets warm.

  3. I believe Silver Lake is the Spider Capital of the World — well, at least in the world known as Los Angeles. These lil’ guyz are ALL OVER the neighborhood. And some of ’em are ENORMOUS. It’s like they are on supplements or something. The next installment of the Spiderman movies should take place here.

  4. No freaking kidding. There are way more spiders around here now than this time last year.

  5. Every year about this time we notice more and bigger spiders, and swear it wasn’t like this last year. Even if it seems like you can’t take two steps without getting snagged in webbing, the spiders aren’t going crazy and overbreeding. It’s really no more than usual – the heat just brings on the height of spider season.

    And I say bring ’em on – the more spiders the fewer bugs!

  6. I just moved and while signing the lease the landlord said they were having “quite a spider problem this year.”


    This is the worst time of year for them – especially those damn mantrappers with a penchant for buidling something large across every conceiveable doorway, gateway, tree, etc, between me and my car in the morning.

    I feel like I’m living in one of those magic-picture worlds, always focused on the middle distance in front of me, lest I miss one dangling at head level.


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