LA is More than a Stereotype

What drives me crazy is the stereotype people who promote cities via travel books or destination guides seem all to willing to give Los Angeles. Take for instance this description from WCities:

La-La Land…every nickname for LA describes a place where fantasy becomes reality. Schmooze with celebrities, shop Rodeo Drive or simply catch the sun at the beach. There’s never a shortage of places to go or wishes to be granted in the City of Angels.

Fortunately for those of us who live and know Los Angeles, there is more to this city than celebrities, shopping, and the beach. True, LA can be magical but it makes me glad that we have sites like where real LA people write about what LA is really about which is so much more than gossip, celebrities, and plastic surgery.

5 thoughts on “LA is More than a Stereotype”

  1. I totally agree. Just because you live in LA it doesn’t mean you have to be caught up in the scene. Los Angeles has a lot of offer other than the hipster hollywood crap. It’s hard to avoid at first, but you live here long enough and it sort of falls into the background like a cheap extra.

  2. Yes, I’d have to say that in all of more than 20 years of living in chinatown, I’ve yet to see tv or movie celebrities cross my path.

  3. This is the reason I have a blog. Too much of LA is lost with people looking for celebrities and the “glamour” of Hollywood (which, we all know, is located in the Valley!).

    I always try to contact editors of sites that promote that “mythical LA” and let them know the reality. That’s what irks me about sites like – it doesn’t really do justice to the City as it really is.

  4. Totally. They forgot the “racist cops”, “crooked politicians”, “Scientology”, “Silicon blond robots” and the hordes of “hipsters”.

    This would make one sweet movie poster.

  5. Just like New York is more than Broadway, so is Los Angeles a multi-faceted city. However, most travel guides/sites are intended to focus on the “glamour” that appeals to sightseers and those with limited time to see any one destination. Please, don’t encourage those travel writers to expose our secret LA. Their one-sided guides help keep the tourists in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beaches. I’d rather not wake up to any tour buses snaking around the Silver Lake reservoir looking for B-List celebrities and hip new hangouts.

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