4 thoughts on “Free Slurpees Today @ 7-11”

  1. so missed this this morning and almost reposted! curse you bonner! anyway, la.foodblogging also offers this:

    “…I just got off the phone with a friendly customer service rep from 7-11 (Jason) who let me know that, yes, in fact they are giving away free Slurpees tomorrow. He also let me know that if you go to a 7-11 who is not participating in the promotion, give them a call at 800-255-0711 and they will send out coupons for a free Slurpee.”

    read the whole thing here

    Anyone who has info on participating/non-participating locations should definitely weigh in. . .

  2. Wow, I remember getting these when i was 10yrs old. How have i missed this great event for the last 11 years. wtf is wrong with me. however i did hit up b&j free scoop day this year.

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