Blasts in Mumbai

I really hate making these posts, but there’s been more attacks in a city where we have a metroblogging site. Reports are still conflicting but several trains in Mumbai (aka Bombay) were bombed and the death toll is growing. The folks at Metroblogging Mumbai are reporting help info, and local news there as they get it. Right now, people are still trying to figure out what just happened. Metblogger Selma writes:

“There are injured and dead people lying on the tracks. No police in the picture, no fire brigades. Its the local people, the shopkeepers and the people wo live close to the house who are coming into help. Carrying bodies both alive and dead in bedhseets. Some tiny bundles, perhaps with limbs within, or maybe children.


Whom were you trying to target? The working class men who struggle for an inch of space in local trains? The working women who knit and cut vegetables in trains on their way home? Young, dreamy students discussing exams and love? The babies accompanying their mothers, smiling back at the women around them?

Our thoughts are with them.

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  1. Those posts are heartbreaking to read. It’s hard to keep my mind off of them.

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