What exactly are they getting at?

So I’m at the Glendale Galleria today and just inside is this strange cart thingie:


There’s a pretty high turnover on those so it’s not unusual to see an empty one. Only this one’s not empty:


Can you see the “pitcher of lemonade?” It’s totally fake and so are the plants and the lemon slices in the glasses. The thing isn’t attended by any sort of human being, which makes it even stranger. Shoppers are genuinely confused by this bizarre tableau.

And what the fuck kind of message even are they even sending here?

Hey, Loser!

Your life totally sucks! Why not turn your utter defeat into — a cart in a shopping mall???

I mean really. Do they think they’re making friends?

3 thoughts on “What exactly are they getting at?”

  1. I saw this last time I was there! Wouldn’t it have been easier just to put up a “this space for rent” sign?

  2. Ah, c’mon, it’s cute! Way better than any ol’ “This Space For Rent” sign. I give this the thumbs up award for random deliciousness.

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