Minutemen March In Hollywood

minutemen.jpgCBS2 reports that about 200 people marched against illegal immigration on Hollywood Blvd. Saturday evening in a protest organized by the Minutemen Project. One officer was hurt, and a number of counter demonstrators were arrested.

The online video also shows the counter-demonstrators clashing with police – I believe that, had the counter-demonstrators not caused a stir, CBS2 probably wouldn’t have covered an otherwise dull protest, and the general public wouldn’t have noticed.

MySpace blogger Cathy provides an account of how police reacted when the counter protestors tried to join the march:

I watched as these people did nothing, I mean they were cheering and waiving made signs just as the other group, when as soon as they stepped foot on the street a swarm of swat teams came charging at them. They didn’t even hesitate, I heard nothing from them like “stop” or “get back”. No warning, no hesitation. They circled the group and just started throwing people down. The group began running, some back down Wilcox, some past me down Hollywood. They were screaming. These fucking assholes just kept chasing them, multiple officers after each individual. The demonstrators were not aggressive, they were running away- and still I saw swat grabbing any one they could catch and throwing them to the ground, then circling over them for what looked to me like a show brutal authority. (read the whole post with pics here, log in required)

Having attended a number of demonstations, I’ve seen police demonstrate an amazing amount of restraint, so I’d give the police the benefit of the doubt here – I’d venture to guess that more preceded the above incident that caused police to react so dilligently. Then again, I don’t trust protestors who choose to wear masks to begin with, as shown on the video.

(photo from mirimiaus via Flickr… not actually taken in Hollywood… irony, people)

7 thoughts on “Minutemen March In Hollywood”

  1. I beg to differ – a Minuteman rally in the middle of Hollywood is definitely newsworthy. Anytime there’s a Minuteman rally, its pretty much newsworthy – plus, the cops shut down Hollywood Boulevard so they could march. If the news hadn’t covered it, everyone would have been saying “what shut down Hollywood Boulevard?” had the news not covered. Plus all the bloggers would have dinged CBS2 for not covering it, since it was literally so close one of the rooftop cameras caught the mundane activities of the rally/march.

  2. will never understand why illegal immigrants think they belong here…

    having said that, the police were being their usual worthless selves. i watched as 2 women tried to cross the street and wanted to join the illegal immigrant side but the police wouldn’t allow it. they would, however, let her walk over to the minutemen side for whatever reason.

  3. Darleene, the cops shut down H’wood Blvd. whenever Charlie Sheen hits a line of blow.

    Trust me. I lived there for 7 years. An alley cat could walk onto the sidewalk and they’d shut the thing down. The news never covers it. No one would have wondered a thing.

    When I was there they were closing it down about once a week, if I recall rightly.

  4. FYI: Hollywood will be mostly closed on Monday and Tuesday, and then totally closed Wednesday for the Espys.

    By the way, I wasn’t claiming whether or not the Minutemen march was newsworthy, I was just saying that hadn’t the counter protestors shown up it likely wouldn’t have gained as much coverage. The counter protestors were thus responsible for giving the Minutemen some desired publicity they otherwise wouldn’t have received.

  5. The Minutemen are a pack of worthless, racist morons. I think their fifteen minutes are about up.

  6. In the CBS2 video, I saw an unmasked, unarmed woman thrown down face first onto a metal truckbed, and once fully restrained, smashed in the ribs with a baton, all while surrounded by at least three armored riot cops. I guess that’s diligence.

    But having attended several protests in LA, I do know that this kind of police action is so normal that it can go into a news broadcast as background material without comment.

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