Great BBQ Seasoning!


There’s a strip of land connecting and blogging.sf, and that strip is the 5 Freeway.

About midway sits the Harris Ranch. If you have any sense, this is where you stop and eat, but if you’re really smart it’s also where you buy outstanding meats


(they know you don’t live anywhere near them so they pack the meat for up to an 8-hour drive) and really amazing seasonings.

You can peruse their Country Store online too, and I do recommend


their BBQ seasoning.

Last night I gave a liberal coating of it to some chicken breasts, threw them on the grill, and in a little while we had some damn good eating, no other seasonings or sauce required.

One thought on “Great BBQ Seasoning!”

  1. and, if you’re a vegetarian, this is where you stop for gasoline.

    fortunately for their enterprise, you don’t usually encounter the intense manure smell ’til you’re a bit north.
    nothing much against the harrises. they’re not alone.
    it’s mostly the naturally consequential odor i remember.

    the slogan IS most endearing though, “harris fed beef” –
    does the “beef” feed exclusively on harris family members?

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