Dragon Boats: The Aftermath


The above photo is courtesy of Central City East, who we met and were photographed by after the race. It’s the blogging.la team, in all our glory, coming in at the end of our race. And while we did NOT beat the time of CD13, we didn’t do too bad for a first-time team. What’s really important is that we were the top team in our category of Media, beating out KTLA by over a minute. (I guess they were too busy watching for GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111)

Shannon has a writeup over on her blog. That’s her, in the front of the boat, yelling “POST! POST! POST! BLOG!” instead of “STROKE!” because “stroke” made us giggle like teenage boys. Behind her you see our own Heathervescent, followed by Kristina Reed, wife of Mack from LA Voice who also has his writeup up. Then there’s David Markland, Mack himself, b.la reader Dan, my cousin (and b.la reader) Anton, and me, as coxswain, at the back (and yes, we made THAT joke, too. Ha. Coxswain.)

We had a ridiculous amount of fun, and we paddled our asses off trying to beat the CD13 time. Next year, we’ll be giving them a serious run for their money. Thanks to everyone who went along with my crazy scheme for the dragon boat racing – and to the dragon boat supporters who came out to cheer us on and take photos. It was an awesome experience, and I’m already training for 2007.

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  1. You guys came out first in your category and I beleive you guys were racing the NInja’s.

    LEt me know. I should have written it all down.

    Got more pictures at the bottom of the post, pics of you guys going and then the picture in the distance to show how far ahead the guys racing you were?

    Please let me know who it was you were racing?

  2. I used to think of Echo Park as a nasty place… until I’ve made a few visits there in the last year or so.
    Its old style and homey, but by no means “completely disgusting.”

  3. the surrounding neighborhood is a complete dump. people throwing trash in the street, leaving furniture on their lawn, etc.

    if that’s homey to you, enjoy.

  4. if that’s homey to you, enjoy.

    I lived in the tony, off-Melrose area for years before moving to Echo Park and I can 100% guarantee you that there is garbage and abandonded furniture there as well. I’m not going to argue that Echo Park is a ritzy hood, but it’s a big place and you see what you want to see.

  5. I’m really trying not to take the bait & get my knickers in a twist about this one . . . I have lived in the “surrounding neighborhood” for 14 years, and while I won’t say it’s perfect, I’ve made a choice to live there for a lot of good reasons. But really, do I need someone who spends a couple of hours there during a totally untypical day of the year telling me it’s “disgusting”?

    Maybe you’d like to share something about your ‘hood with us, Greg?

  6. next year i need to wear a hat or something. in the pic my right eye is closed because sweat dripped in my eyes and i couldnt wipe them. it was fun i want to go kayaking or canoeing again before next years race.

    also i live in echo park and its great

  7. yes, you’re right. i’m crazy for thinking people throwing trash in the street and having a maze of appliances in their front lawn is disgusting. egg all over my face…

  8. That’s strange, I haven’t seen much of that around echo park for a long time. Frankly, I feel the opposite of Greg: the park grosses me out, with all those filthy birds and the standing water. Duck poop caked up on the bridges and benches. I don’t even feel healthy breathing the air there. Echo Park as a neighborhood, though, is cool.

  9. “yes, you’re right.” Well Greg, they say it takes a big man to admit he’s wrong. Oooh wait, he’s using sarcasm! Here I was, thinking we were having a discussion about how you perceived my neighborhood when it turns into a pissing contest about who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”. Would it surprise you if I said I don’t like trash in the street, either? You might try learning something about a place before you tar it and everyone in it with the same brush.

    I notice you still seem a little reluctant to let us know where you live or how long you’ve lived there. Don’t worry, I won’t be coming over to dump my old furniture on your lawn, but you might find out that different people have varying opinions of just what is meant by a pejorative term like “disgusting”.

    That’s it, I’m done . . . you can have the last word if it makes you feel “right”.

  10. you’re the one getting worked up, not me. how was i to know you lived there? i’m just stating the fact of what i saw after leaving the lotus festival. maybe it’s because i didn’t have my rose-colored glasses on, i don’t know.

  11. Some of the nicest homes in Los Angeles are on Carroll Court, just above Echo Park. And Echo Park itself is filled with houses of all ages, many of which have been recently restored. In fact, their historical association has set an example by encouraging residents to de-stucco their houses and make them look pretty. If you actually took the time, as I have, to go off the one or two bad streets of Echo Park, you would see that it is a charming, quaint neighborhood that still has much the same feel it did a hundred years ago.

    Or, to put it more simply: get out of your damn car and walk up one of those staircases, look at the houses and the views, and THEN tell me it’s disgusting. Or, better still, go on a walk with the Echo Park Historical Society! They’ll show you how beautiful the neighborhood can be.

    By the way, I grew up a terribly clean and charming suburb, even for middle class Canada, and I think Echo Park is adorable and will probably go live there in the near future. Greg, why don’t you stop being a jerk, and give Echo Park (and probably all the other LA neighborhoods you’ve dismissed) the second chance they deserve?

  12. okay, jill. why don’t you take a walk around, too? be careful of the shopping carts on the sidewalk. we’ll meet in the middle and have lunch.

  13. Honestly, I’ve seen like, one shopping cart on the sidewalk. Do you want to be more specific about where you keep seeing all these alleged disgusting yards, or just keep being a smartass?

  14. then that’s truly amazing that i saw the only shopping cart in echo park. wow. imagine my luck.

    i parked across from the baseball diamond on one of the streets. when we go to lunch i’ll show you. but i’ve also been to echo park before and thought the same. i’m sorry, but it’s not a good area. in fact, my wife is from a third world country and even she commented on how dirty and gross it was.

  15. In that case, I’m sorry you were in one of the pockets of the area where the citizens haven’t had the means or motivation to clean it up – but honestly, I think what we’re all trying to tell you is that you’re making a snap judgement based on a small pocket. I’m not denying that you did go through a bad part of the neighborhood, but I AM saying that you need to see more of Echo Park before you can make a judgement call on whether it is “disgusting” or not.

    Seriously, google “Echo Park Historical Society” and take one of their walks. Take your wife. You’d probably really enjoy it. I certainly plan to drag my boyfriend on one of those as soon as I get a free Saturday because I don’t think he gets into Old Los Angeles enough.

  16. fair enough.

    as i said, i do like the park so i would love to find something pleasant near it. thanks for the tip.

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