Cybele in the NYT – Sweet!

candyblogpic.jpg’s own Cybele and her Candy Blog get a hearty mention in the New York Times Magazine article “Short and Sweet” on Sunday:

Another site, Candy Blog, written by Cybele May, has tracked the trend as closely as anyone, reviewing dozens of limited-edition items, from KitKat Milkshake to Junior Mints Inside Outs. She finds many of these at her favorite 7-Eleven in Los Angeles. (She’s not a fan of cherry-flavored candy but wishes that Hershey would bring back a limited-edition TwoSomes product that incorporated malt Whoppers into a Hershey’s bar.) May was even invited to attend the most recent All Candy Expo, an industry trade show, where she was prepared for Willy Wonka-like secrecy but found everyone quite friendly. She got to try the new limited-edition Snickers Xtreme and attended a presentation on how retailers sweeten their candy sales: limited editions, she learned, inspire impulse buys if the consumer figures it will be gone in a month.

Congrats Cybele – not only for being quoted in the NYT but for being such a genius to start a blog where companies send you FREE candy. Totally sweet man!

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