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Cobra Snake and GF

So I’ve been on an 80’s movie kick for the last few months and I’ve watched a good many classics. Tonight I just finished one really bad one, that I really loved as a kid, The Neverending Story. I really had fond memories of that one, and after watching it again, I realized how painfully bad all aspects of it were, from the acting to the effects, even the puppetry was bad. I actually fell asleep three times in the last three nights trying to watch it, although some of my fatigue was due to my upcoming wedding on Sunday. I finished it tonight and laughed at what a waste of my time it was to watch it again. After finishing it I popped in my next NetFlix selection, Stand By My.

I think it goes without saying that Stand By Me is a classic 80’s movie, containing a great story, great acting, and great cinematography. Throughout the movie I kept wondering, who is that kid playing Gordie… he looks so familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on who it was. When the credits rolled, I was surprised to see that it was blogging.la’s own Will Wheaton. Gordie, if you don’t recall, is the main character of the film, who is troubled the recent loss of his older brother and his parents disinterest in him.

A second funny little tidbit from the movie is the scene where the older gang of kids are giving one another tattoos with razor blades and you see that they have written “Cobra S” and then the camera cuts away and one of the characters says to hold still so he can finish the “Snake”. So I guess that is where The Cobra Snake stole borrowed his name from. I couldn’t find anything on google about it, but I’m sure I’m not the first person to notice this.

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  1. I’ve been on an 80s movie binge as well lately. You wouldn’t believe some of the crap I’ve actually rented (Beastmaster, anyone?). Strangely enough, Stand By Me and Neverending Story were both among my recent choices as well.

    My experiences with going back and rewatching Neverending after all these years was a little different to yours. While it didn’t have the same impact as when I was a kid, certainly, the movie wasn’t a total loss. It’s just one of those movies which is, well, kind of a mess. A hodge-podge. Any good bits are lost in this meandering, poorly-paced mess of a story. I don’t agree that it’s a total loss, but certainly, it’s not a gripping success. Yet I still feel a certain fondness for it, perhaps tinted by the glow of nostalgia.

    For trivia’s sake, did you know that the author of the original book hated the movie and insisted his name be taken from the opening credits?

    Although he hasn’t made anything of real worth in years, Rob Reiner has an amazing track record of classics through the 80s: This is Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, and The Princess Bride are all tremendous, unique, classic movies, each very different from the other, yet all pretty much made back to back (with The Sure Thing thrown in there for fun). Some real enduring classics in there.

    I hope you’ll continue to clue us in on your 80s adventures.

  2. i was flipping through the channels the other night and came across an 80s movie I vaquely remember watching as a kid…it was called Streets of Fire. It was actually pretty good. Even watching it in 2006, it was a cool movie to watch.

  3. Does anyone remember the name of an 80’s movie, about two american guys on vacation in Europe and they get mixed with an Eastern European girl who gets them involved with a drug ring (or something like that.) And she ends up being an American too? It was a comedy.

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