White Kat R.I.P.

chillkitty2.jpg My sweet, yet irritating, familiar, “White Kat” died yesterday. She has been cruising with me for seventeen years, so I suppose she’s had a long life in cat years. While at times I’ve definitely wanted to wring her neck for all the rats, rabbits and baby birds she’s dragged in, and she has certainly caused major drama with her specialty for emitting unearthly yowls every morning at 7am, she was also wonderfully sweet and mellow. This morning I woke up to silence and it was wrenching.

Because she had such a quirky personality, almost human like, White Kat not only inspired a couple of different projects I have written, namely “Supa’ Pussy” about a kick-ass female super-hero, but she also displayed the ultimate in ‘chill factor’. The only time she ever got upset was when she got thrown out of the bedroom for good when I had to choose between my boyfriend and her in bed. As much as I loved her, there was no contest, so only one happy pussy emerged from that tangle.

Her death was a shocking incident, stunning in the emotion it brought up in me. She’s just a cat, right? but I cried like a baby. At 3am I heard a load crash and got out of bed to investigate. Looking around, I couldn’t find a thing til I stepped outside on the deck and saw my glass bowl laying on the tile with the shells that were in it strewn around. I figured the cat had once again returned home from her night prowls and jumped down from the roof, just like she’s done a thousand times, No big deal.

The next morning I got up and saw my sweet cat silent, which for her had to mean something was terribly wrong. She looked dazed and awful. She must have miscalculated her jump and fell hard from the roof. I scooped her up and got her to the vet. She was a mess, a broken jaw, massive internal injuries, a couple of broken bones. In short, she didn’t make it. The vet was great, they got her right in at 7:30am when I arrived, and did everything they could. I’ve been going there for various animals forever and they always deal with such expertise and caring so I highly recommend them: Studio City Animal Hospital, 11800 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604-2617 USA. Telephone: 818-769-1338. They have several vets and the assistants are great.

I know the birds around the garden are celebrating White Kat’s demise, but she will be terribly missed by all for her antics and the way she always plopped down beside you to offer her soft belly to be scratched.

7 thoughts on “White Kat R.I.P.”

  1. “As much as I loved her, there was no contest, so only one happy pussy emerged from that tangle.”


  2. My condolences for your loss – I remember being heartbroken when my cat Simba, who I had for 6 years (he was born in my closet!) died in 2002. I couldn’t bring myself to love another cat until just last year.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m certain that she will be missed. This is not a day that I’m looking forward to in my not-so-distant future.

  4. so sorry for that ache in your heart…hope your beautiful memories can help ease the pain.

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