That Red Sign Means Stop


Ruth’s post yesterday about speedtraps reminded me of a little spot over on Griffith Park, between Hyperion and Sunset that dumbasses are getting busted at every single day. It’s the intersection of Lyric and Griffith Park, and there’s a stop sign there. Lyric is pretty much invisible from either side of Griffith Park which makes it the perfect spot for a cop to sit and wait for people to blow through the stop sign. Which happens all the time. In fact, earlier this week, I saw them nab two people in less than 15 minutes. I was driving to Gelsons to pick up something for dinner and the guy in front of me didn’t even slow down when he went through, of course the cops were there and grabbed him right away. I laughed to myself because of how many people I’d seen pulled over within a block or two of that intersection and thought how they all must have done the same thing. I grabbed my food and was headed back and of course made sure to stop when I got back to that street. I looked and sure enough the cruiser was back in position waiting for the next stop sign running jerk, which turned out to be the lady directly behind me. She stopped when I stopped, but when I went through, she just followed without stopping on her own, and yes, she got busted too. I’d say 7/10 times I drive past there a cop is there waiting. So if you are in that area, heads up.

7 thoughts on “That Red Sign Means Stop”

  1. I know it’s going to come as a shock to some but I totally support the cops out there busting people who run stop signs in residential areas. To me this is 180 degrees different from my story about speeding in no-man’s-land.

    Am I schitzophrenic?

  2. ruth666, I totally agree. You are not schitzophrenic.

    Between my room-mates and myself, we have lost a total of four (4) cats to traffic on our street. Our street (Kenmore Ave) is not even as bad as Griffith Park Blvd!

  3. Mike – maybe you should stop letting your cats outside if four of them have been killed. Doesn’t seem very safe.

  4. Even better; no more cats at my place (or room-mates, but that’s another story :).

    Personally, I’m not much for keeping a cat inside all it’s life. Fish, lizards, snakes, birds et al are fine, but not a natural hunter like a cat.

  5. Living in a big, high traffic city like Los Angeles means that pets like cats may not get the luxury of living the life of a farm animal. Just my thoughts – I like to have my kitties happy, heathly, and ALIVE indoors.

    I hear you about roommates though – they can live outside! :)

  6. This is so ironic how the post has taken a turn toward pets because I take this very route when my cat needs his shots, but I continue straight on Hyperion to Rowena instead of doubling back. That little street leading up a narrow curve is/was where a Heavy Red reseller did business out of, but I’m sure goths are cat loving people. That area must have supernatural links trapping felines in a conundrum, or whoever is losing their pets should consider a bigger yard. That citation officers frequent the hot spots says something about the negativity forming there.

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