Guitars and Guns

guitargun.jpgI often check out the website for LA Guns over on Setset and see what deals they have on handguns and shotguns, and frequently they have quite a few. The site is always updated and a good way to waste time. I’ve never actually been there, since they seem to be closed on my days off, and open weird hours on the days I’m working, but anytime I’ve ever e-mailed them with a question they got back to me right away. This gets them a thumbs up in my book. Today I noticed in their news section that they are expanding and opening a new business called LA Guitar Sales as well. Some folks like shootin’, some folks like rockin’, some folks like shootin’ and rockin’. The gem of this story, is that for a limited time, to get the new guitar business up and running, they are welcoming trades across hobbies. This means you can trade your Gibson for a Glock. Unfortunately it’s unclear if they will have guitars shaped like guns, or guns shaped like guitars.

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  1. I’ve been there… I bought my first pistol, a Kimber Custom TLE II, from them and they also acted as my FFL when I bought my Ruger Mini-14 via … They’re very nice people.

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