3 thoughts on “Poor Poopsie!”

  1. COKE. PEPSI. who cares?
    The only pop for me is DR PEPPER.

    Ever notice how neither of the big boys dares to take on DP in their taste tests?

    yeah. I thought so..

  2. To be fair, Ruth, it was Pepsi that contacted the FBI when they were approached with trade secrets from Coke employees. So this isn’t a case of either swill company trying to steal secrets.

    I have to admit I’ve been addicted to Coke since I was a kid. I love it! But I can’t quite understand why… it certainly doesn’t taste wonderful, leave me teeth fuzzy, and is probably responsible for all excess body fat I have.

    Fortunately, lately I’ve been able to avoid Coke most of the time as Vernors has become my sugary carbonated beverage of choice.

  3. When did I ever give the impression that I was fair?

    Because if I did that was totally out of line and I apologize.

    And I don’t drink the carbonated beverage either; I’m an Iced Tea man myself. Except for that unbelievable Trader Joe’s Blood Orange soda.

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