Ain’t It Cool News Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary…

Like him or not, Harry Knowles, who comically endorsed the Ben Affleck films Armageddon and Daredevil, celebrates the tenth anniversary of Ain’t It Cool News with a screening (in digital 3D no less) of Monster House this coming Monday at Mann’s Chinese in Hollywood (there are also screenings the same night in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and Austin):

Anyway – that’s not what this article is about. Instead – it’s about how you can celebrate with AICN in this 10th Anniversary. How can we celebrate? By getting together for a fantastic movie, how else? A movie in Digital 3D!!! A film by a first time filmmaker that feels absolutely classic from the get go!!! A film produced by geek gods like Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis!!! And that feels like their classic works from the 80s! That’s right, I’m talking about MONSTER HOUSE!!!

We’re doing a screening in Los Angeles with Moriarty at MANN’S CHINESE on July 10th at 10pm! To get into this screening – simply email Moriarty at [email protected] with your Name and your guests’ names. It’s that simple. No hoops. Then watch for Moriarty’s posting regarding whether or not you’ve gotten in. And your hopeful email confirmation from Mori. So Email Now!

Unfortunately, the list is already full, but if you’re dying to see it, here’s an update:

Basically this screening is full. Moriarty is taking “spill-over” submissions only – for the waiting list at the door – to fill empty seats by no-shows. So to get on that list – Email him now. Otherwise – Mori is assembling the L.A. Screening list now to be published soon.