13 thoughts on “Why is this man waving the flag?”

  1. It is likely that Borat, Kazakhstan’s sixth most famous man, hopes to jump a few spots there and is currying favor with Americans, trying to convince us to wield our world powers.

    That, or Ali G just wants you to see his new movie.

  2. Borat is a character played by Sacha Baron Cohen of “Da Ali G Show” fame. He’s got a movie coming out as Borat. So, it’s likely an ad for that movie.

  3. “This is my sister. She is number four prositute in all of Kazakhstan!” By the way, fizzy drinks hurt when you laugh them out of your nose.

  4. I got invited to a screening of the Borat flick about 2 months ago. It was the most I’ve laughed in a movie theatre since Jackass: The Movie.

    I LIKE!

  5. geez cybelle, I read your blog… I mean just because I don’t write about candy!

    Borat Trailer

    I’ve been a big fan of Ali G and his other characters since he was on UK TV.

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