What’s up at the South Central Farm?

Earlier this morning Cindy posted that bulldozers were moving in on the South Central Farm. The farmers have a press release up now claiming that some protestor has locked himself to one of the bulldozers and the LAFD is there trying to remove him. Details are sketchy, and there aren’t any photos. Anyone in the area, or with friends there have a clearer picture of what is actually happening today? Post a comment or use the Submit a Story link if you have any more info.

UPDATE: From CBS2.com:

“Ten people were arrested Wednesday at the now-defunct South Central Farm as protesters tried to prevent bulldozers from plowing over the 14-acre urban garden.

Two protesters — including one who had chained himself to a bulldozer — were arrested this morning as heavy equipment began moving onto the land near 41st Street and Alameda.

Eight more people were arrested around 1 p.m. after they allegedly rushed one of the bulldozers. They were all arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism, and some are suspected of battery on a bulldozer driver and a police officer, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.”

UPDATE 2: For the idiots who are pissed off about this post – I’m not defending the farmers, I’m not attacking the land owner. I’m simply asking about a protest that was going on, and what was happening at it.

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  1. The following was part of a MySpace bulletin earlier this afternoon.

    “Half the farm has been destroyed. 10 [email protected] that attempted to halt the destruction were stopped by Horowitz’s hired goons and beaten. Upon police arrival, authorities subsequently went on to arrest not those doing the beatings- but the victims of the brutality themselves. Thanks to the supporters that heeded the call to get down to the farm there were pleanty of witnesses as well as our legal team that were able to document this gross misconduct. Please get on the phone right now.”

    Again, no pictures or any other updates.

  2. Sean:

    I return to Los Angeles on Friday evening and will be happy to offer whatever information I may upon my return to clarify the LAFD’s endeavors.

    In the meanwhile, since this is a law enforcement issue largely in the hands of the Sheriff’s Department, you may wish to get a formal statement from one of their spokespeople**.

    You’ll find direct access to their media reps 24/7 at the widely published phone number of the Sheriff’s HQ Bureau (323)526-5541.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

    ** In multi-agency responses such as this, there is usually one agency maintaining the lead and offering a coordinated and authoritative response for media relations. I suspect that the LASD remains in such stead. -BH-

  3. Get over it already. The pathetically celeb-politicized farm is on private property. Bitch to the city and make them give you land. Love him or hate him, Horowitz has every right to do with the property as he pleases. PERIOD.

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