Remaining plots at South Central Farm bulldozed

scfarm.jpg On the way in to work today, I received the following text message from a friend who had been arrested when the farmers and their supporters were evicted a few weeks ago

Farm is being bulldozed right now. Spread the word or go to the farm.

A few minutes before I’d heard a news blurb on KPFK that the remaining plots were being bulldozed this morning. I’ve checked online for more information, but can’t seem to find anything on blogs or through Google News.

Anyone have an update on the situation?

I didn’t get much sleep last night and completely forgot that South Central Farmers have a website. They have some information on the bulldozing at their site

Photo by Border Hacker

6 thoughts on “Remaining plots at South Central Farm bulldozed”

  1. I got a similar message sent to me this morning. Check out their web site. It seems to have a bit more info.

    The saddest part for me is how this (long ago) became more about the protesters and the protesting, and less about the farming and the people actually growing the food.

  2. Read Daniel Hernandez in the Weekly, and you’ll see that the “farmers” haven’t been part of this story for a good long time. His reporting was excellent and he spanked the LATimes on their shoddy coverage in a Sunday Op-Ed piece.

  3. Yea Linnea, that’s exactly the stuff I’m thinking of. I’ve been around activists for many, many years and they are often (though certainly not always) more interested in their own agenda rather than the folks they are “supporting”. The classic examples involve some of the major AFL-CIO unions, which often care less about the workers than their own survival or promoting their own political agenda.

  4. Get a grip, what about the land owner in this. First the city uses eminent domain to take his property away at below market. Then the city decides they didn’t need the property and he has to sue to get it back. He has it back and its now occupied by squatters and a handful of celebrity kooks that think he’s the bad guy. Since when has it been OK to steal from anyone for the benefit of the poor? The owner should go after all those celebrity’s for the costs of getting his land back.

  5. No sympathy for Ralph Horowitz. He should have never offered to sell the land for $16 million if he didn’t mean it. These people all worked so hard to raise that money, only to be rejected last minute. I do understand the reality of politics, but what he did was plain wrong.

  6. Sarah, if you read why Hernandez wrote–there’s never been a firm offer. No one worked hard to raise any money. There’s no money. No one made him an actual offer. Try to get past all the self-righteous emotion and look at the facts.

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