Racism in K-town?

Today my husband and I were denied entry to Pacific City Bank. We think it is because we are white. I hope we are wrong.

(Side note: we are not customers, and now we never will be.)

We tried to go through the main entrance into the lobby. The (Korean) security guard physically blocked the door and refused to let us in. He would not say why. We did not make a scene, though I did give him a dirty look. We simply walked away, wondering what the hell was going on. Neither of us has been able to come up with ANY reason to turn away a couple with a baby (my husband was carrying him in a sling), nor could I find anything on their website that gave any insight. I’ll be calling to complain, and will update here if I find anything out.

Anyone have any idea why we were refused entry?

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  1. need a second opinion?

    i work in K-town, where was the bank?

    I’ll go try it.

  2. The bank is at Wilshire & Serrano, northwest corner. I’m curious if ours was an isolated occurrence. I still need to call – taking care of the baby is taking precedence.

  3. I would bet that there is another explanation, and perhaps a language barrier or osme other problem is why it seemed odd and off. I personally enterd several banks in Korea Town (not this one I don’t think, but maybe) when I was looking for new business for a local media company and never had a problem getting in. Getting business, a totally different story :)

  4. My first thought was that something else was going on in the bank that you didn’t know about. Was it shut for lunch? Being held up? etc.

  5. I have had similar experience in K-Town. At about roughly 7pm a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to have a cold drink. I stopped in to a karoake bar and was barred entrance by three waiters. I could hear loud restaurant patrons in the back, clearly enjoying themselves. I pointed to a prominent neon sign that read ‘open’, and asked if I could stop in for a drink. A well dressed ‘manager’ stepped in and told me that they were closed. Was this because I do not appear Korean?

  6. Were other people allowed in while you were kept out? That seems a pretty severe jump to make…(white person not allowed into a bank, must be racism). i dunno…. what exactly did the security guard say?

  7. No cause to speculate racism (yet). “Racism in K-town?” is a _bad_ choice of title. Now you owe it to everyone to diligently follow up on this.

  8. as a white person living in k-town, i’ve never had any trouble with the banks, stores, etc. around here. they’re generally happy to take your business (though sometimes there are language barriers).

    the nightclubs are another story. the korean clubs have their own rules for how they operate, and you frequently can’t get in if you don’t know the protocol (though, you could say the same about the clubs on the sunset strip). there’s a good article about the korean club social code at http://www.laweekly.com/eat+drink/dining/cracking-the-clubbing-code/2010/

  9. I agree totally with RS. I dunno ’bout banks, but there are lotsa clubs and bars I won’t even try to get in in Koreatown, despite the fact that I AM Korean.

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