Puffy Chair Screening via MobMov

mobmov_draw.pngA few months back I posted about Hollywood MobMov, basically some dudes with a movie projector in their car that would take over a parking lot and show a movie drive-in style on the side of a building. I signed up for their mailing list back then but haven’t heard a peep until today, announcing a movie they are showing tonight. The movie is called The Puffy Chair, and it seems this is actually a sanctioned preview screening of a movie that will be in theaters at the end of this week. It’s showing tonight at the Seeley Lofts parking lot, gates open at 8:30, movie starts at 9. First come first serve, once the lot is full, if you aren’t already in there, you are screwed. Unless of course you sneak in on foot with some headphones tuned to 104.7 fm, they you are probably OK. More details and marketing hype can be found here.

One thought on “Puffy Chair Screening via MobMov”

  1. this is badass! the puffy chair is a movie i’ve been dying to see. i’ve heard great things and one of the brothers who made it has a rad band called ‘Volcano, I’m Still Excited!!’

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