New book about Jay Adams


Anyone with more than a passing interest in skateboarding knows about the Z-Boys, and most likely saw the awesome documentary about them. Maybe you even saw that other movie too. And you should definitely know the name Jay Adams. So then this is something you should definitely check out – a new book called Jay Boy is about to be released which includes tons of photos shot by Kent Sherwood, Jay’s stepfather back in the early days of dogtown, venice skateboarding and the zypher skate team. Glen E. Friedman and C.R. Stecyk III helped put this together so you know it’s going to be amazing. The book comes out in October, but pre-orders from the site will be shipped early. Currently Jay Adams is in Jail which brings up the question of proceeds, on that topic the site says:

” Sherwood, Friedman, Stecyk and Concrete Wave have provided their services amounting to hundreds and hundreds of hours for nothing (not “Hollywood” nothing, where people take less than they think they deserve and tell everyone they are getting “nothing”, we mean zero, no dollars at all, nada $). All profits from the book will go to the Jay Adams Family Fund to help out Jay and his family while he’s locked down, and to continue to help out our friend Jay when he eventually gets out. “