IMPS Dog Highlight


Inspired by the post I made last week regarding LA Animal Services “Pet of the Day” image you can put on your website, I decided to further promote the Miniature Pinscher Rescue Service’s Los Angeles chapter. People are always suprised when I tell them I got my dog Quint through IMPS because one just assumes that small, cute, pure-bred dogs just don’t wind up needing to be adopted let alone have an entire service dedicated to finding them homes. But the truth is, just like any other dog, Min Pins often find themselves abandoned because someone thought small dogs meant easy care which is entirely untrue. And smaller dogs are also not immune to their owners moving or passing away or simply not caring anymore. Therefore, to help out the organization that has given me so much (and will again when it’s time for me to get Min Pin number three), I’m going to highlight little pooches in Los Angeles that need a home as they become available.

First up is Jewel who was added on June 29th. She’s a 3 yr old black & tan female who will be spayed in 4 weeks with undocked tail and uncropped ears:

Hi there my name is Jewel, I am tiny at only 5 lbs but truly precious.. I am a total lap dog and want to be with my person as much as possible, giving tons of kisses. I am an all natural girl with upright ears and a long tail. If you are looking a loving cuddly kissy pooch then I am your girl. Due to my size I am looking for a home without kids. I am fine with other dogs but don’t want to play with them. I think I am too human to play with the dogs and want a home that will treat me like their baby…

If you’re interested, contact Kim but first fill out the online application! Oh, and if Jewel is already adopted never-fear, IMPS can add you to a list to preview pooches before they come online!