The 4th of July Silver Lake Style


Fourth of July in Silver Lake was active this year. Fun activities included a posse of skate-boarders tearing it up on the street and diving into a kiddie pool, sing-alongs with Guns-and-Roses, a BBQ featuring fantastic veggie dogs, my dogs on the porch acting a fool, watching Gone with the Wind (an appropriate movie for the day even though I didn’t intend it to be that way), and watching fireworks from our fantastic hillside view. We’re fortunate to be able to see fireworks from pretty much any west-side location even though after about 20 minutes the haze becomes quite thick. This year, more than the past two years, the fireworks were prolific and they weren’t weenie ones. I would post a picture of them but, unfortunately, my camera doesn’t zoom that far and I’m no photographer. So instead, I’ve posted a picture of the flag our landlord put up this morning. Isn’t it pretty?

The kids are still raging outside and, from the sound of it, I think we’re going to be hearing the booms for at least a few more hours. Bless America – and Los Angeles!