Its a Dead(wood) Man’s Party, who could ask for more?

heehaw.jpgWant to fraternize with some of Deadwood’s locals (aka background cast) up in them darn hills (aka Angeles Crest)? The Deadwood “atmosphere players” blog reports:

Todd Beeson and Randy Hughes, along with Sue Burgess from Adams Pack Station have kicked up a Deadwood party and more on the 8th and 9th of July at the Adams Pack Station.

(You may remember seeing Todd Beeson a few weeks ago in Episode 26 when Davey the Bartender stopped him from entering the Gem right before the “Throat Cutting” shindig.)

Word has it there will be a Chili and Cornbread Cookoff!

The Pack Station is located in the Chantry Flat area of Angeles Crest National Forest – click here for a map and directions.

Sue adds that assorted bands will be there playing everything both kinds of music – Country and Western. Just kidding – she said there will be bluegrass, string bands, and some rock groups. Story tellers will share local folklore and history, and a pioneer cook will be on hand to demonstrate cast iron cooking. Its all free, but a $5 pass is required for parking that also allows you and everyone else in the car free to roam Angeles Crest for hiking throughout the day.

Even if you can’t make it for the weekend, the Pack Station sounds like a fun place to start a hiking trip any day. In addition to providing rations and gear, they offer livery services to bring supplies to campsites a couple miles away (“Ten donkeys, a horse, and a couple of mules”). In fact, the party is to celebrate the rededication of the Adams’ Pack Station which was purchased by Sue and her daughter Deb earlier this year.

Sue now lives at the pack station, and Deb comes every few days to help pack up the horses, mules and donkeys that carry food, water and propane to cabin owners.

The 70-year-old pack station is a key component in caring for the 80-plus cabins that sit just above Sierra Madre and Arcadia. Cabin owners are not permitted to live full-time in the tiny historic buildings, which lack modern plumbing and electricity. Each cabin has an outhouse, and propane is used to cook meals. (source: Pasadena Star News)

For more information contact Randy at [email protected] or the Pack Station at 626-447-7356.

(photo of Bonnie and Moonshine from skyerhode via Flickr)

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  1. are you SURE the road is open? seems like I have been waiting forever to get up there… maybe the crowds at Switzer will now subside..

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