Sunset On The Gold Line

176128247_0242795af9.jpgI have to admit, I appreciate the mass transit system for a few things. One of them, on days like this, is the amazing air conditioning. Seriously. I took the Orange Line last week, and it was like stepping into a fridge, especially with the heat at the stop in Tarzana I picked it up at. (What a girl from Venice Beach was doing without a car in Tarzana, by the way, is a long story that’s much less entertaining than you’d expect it to be)

The other thing I appreciate the mass transit system for though, is the view from the Gold Line trains. I love driving the 110 at sunset, which is when I drive it most often. I love the way the hills above Highland Park look with that softer sunlight pouring in from the west. But the hills are all you can see from the 110, and I’ve found the Gold Line scenery even more enthralling. Especially when the same quality of light transforms the city around the tracks into being almost surreal.

I’ve got a set of photos up on Flickr. They’re about as wonderful as you could expect, given that I shot them looking through the windows of the train. Still, I’m hoping that the photos still convey a sense of those fifteen minutes at sunset, looking out at Los Angeles in that gorgeous light, listening to Ulrich Schnauss (the appropriately titled Far Away Trains Passing By EP), and watching the sun set through the palm trees.