Please raze Hurricane Harbor

badwater.jpgAfter spending a friend’s birthday at Hurricane Harbor last week, I would like to encourage parent company Six Flags to close and raze the Valencia water park as they’ve previously discussed. In the meantime, they should simply rename the park “Le Bidet Grande.”

My reasons are as follows:

1. Admission price, $29. Supposedly all inclusive. Doesn’t include $15 for parking. Doesn’t include rafts you need to rent (for $5 – $7) to float in their featured “lazy river” attraction.

2. I know other amusement parks always have annoying staffers offering to take your picture, but do all of them use cheap 3mp digital cameras, and then expect people to pay $11.99 for a 5×7 print made on an inkjet printer? (to be fair, they offered a buy 2, get 1 free special).

3. Water the consistency and appearance of miso soup.

4. They actually have decent burgers ($9), but they either ran out of, or don’t carry, relish for their $8 hot dogs.

I could go on, but the truth is I was disgruntled before I was even able to ride down the first slide… after all, it was 90 minutes after I’d parked. The disorganized, infrequent shuttle passed us by over four times as it was fully loaded from earlier stops – after thirty minutes, we buckled down and walked to the entrance. While entry and locker rental ($6) was easy, never having been to a water park before I’d failed to bring sandals (since Hurricane Harbor makes no effort to provide shade, foot protection is a necessity unless you want baked feet). Anyway, the gift shop was staffed with only one girl, so after I found a pair of water slippers ($18) closest to my foot size (I’m a 10, the closest they had was a 12), I had to wait another twenty minutes so she could ring up the three people ahead of me.

Next was the line for the first ride, albeit short, this took another thirty minutes for a thirty second drop that scraped my back due to clumsy design.

To be fair, the raft rides were all decent, and the wave pool allows for some fun, but unless the park goes through some major revisions, starting with new management, a more efficient janitorial staff, and a better shuttle system, I have no desire to ever return.

(photo from janatuerlich via Flickr)

5 thoughts on “Please raze Hurricane Harbor”

  1. Ha…what do you expect. We have “Raging Toilet” here in the San Gabriel Valley…its all just a giant toilet being constantly refilled by 1000’s too stupid or lazy to get out of the water. I figured out that when those water based theme first opened years ago….its mostly pee and a breeding ground for who knows what….some of the Hep’s, maybe e coli, maybe….its an alphabet soup out there and I will pass.

  2. Cybele: That photo is an exaggerated representation, it was not actually taken at Six Flags.
    Frazgo: My friends, who went to Raging Waters last year, were split on which was cleaner, but they agreed Raging Waters had better shade and better rides.

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