OMG It’s hot


I’m sitting here with windows as open as they get, ceiling fans on as high as they will go, trying to figure out how to escape the fiery ball of death pictured above. A movie seemed like a good idea, except that involves leaving the house and actually walking outside, if only to the car, which is just intollerable. What are your favorite beat the heat suggestions?

11 thoughts on “OMG It’s hot”

  1. Ha! Yeah, Hurrican Harbor.

    Last night there was a Twilight Zone episode on about how the Earth was getting closer and closer to the sun, so it was getting blazing hot… appropriate timing.

    My fave thing to do is catch a mid to late afternoon matinee. Its cooler in the movie theatre, then when you come out the temp is lower than when you went in…

  2. I remember that episode of Twilight Zone. Now if only I could remember if the closer to the sun was the fantasy or the surprise ending :-P

    The building management here decided to save money by shutting off the air conditioning during this holiday weekend so all those of us who elected to work today are broiling. It’s about the same temperature inside as it is outside, but it’s nicer outside because of the air circulation.


  3. A cool 76 degrees without A/C in Santa Monica, nice breeze, even cooler at the beach. What’s the problem? :)

  4. I gotcher 76 degrees right here.

    Oh, and 4 out of 5 researchers say blogging actually increases global warming.

  5. “Oh, and 4 out of 5 researchers say blogging actually increases global warming.”

    Al Gore says that the debate on this is over.

    As for Twilight Zone, the twist at the end is that the whole thing about Earth burning up was the dream of a delirious woman… she was having a high fever, and upon waking up finds out that the Earth is actually moving out of the sun’s orbit and getting colder and colder…

  6. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in a house without a/c. Whenever I’m there in the summer, I do the following:

    1. Dim house, curtains drawn and windows closed. No use opening the windows until afternoon because it’s hotter outside.

    2. Walking around barefoot. We had tile which feels nice even on 100 degree days.

    3. Light clothes. T-shirts and shorts worked best.

    4. Lots of ice cold water. That should go without saying.

    5. Spending the afternoon outdoors under our huge, shady mulberry tree. It might still be hot, but at a certain point we needed to get out of the house.

    6. Paletas (popsicles).

    7. Swimming and/or running through the sprinklers.

  7. I could solve this heat wave quite quickly:

    At the minimum, if I were to buy a fan, it’d drop ten degrees tomorrow.

    If I were to go out and buy an air conditioner for a window right now, we would not have another day over 90 this summer.

    If I were to have central air installed – well, let’s just say that I could throw us back into the next ice age.

    The more I invest, the less likely I am to need it.

  8. What about my old standby – the grocery store?

    Of course in olden days the frozen food section was the real sweet spot, but now it’s all behind doors. Still, they usually keep the whole place pretty cold, have lots of aisles to meander down at a snail’s pace, and as a bonus you have your choice of a world of snacks and beverages.

    No parking charges, and no time limits either.

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