Party Photos get together thingy 06/30/06

Just posted some photos, will add notes tomorrow. I’m using flickr tag: ‘bla063006‘ in case you have some shots you want to upload as well…

3 thoughts on “Party Photos”

  1. I’m bummed I missed it. What made up for being in my car instead of being with y’all was, to my overwhelming joy, a rock song about SNAKES ON A MOTHERF**KING PLANE, played on Indie 103.1.

    I shit you not.

    Hope the dining was swell, kids…

  2. Sean:

    Thanks for the follow-up. I was *really* hoping to make it, but things got busy at work and they wouldn’t let me out of the bunker.

    Thanks Sean, for all you do to support the cohesiveness and creativeness of LA’s bloggers.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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