6 thoughts on “Four for One”

  1. Hah put a bounty on them mofo’s. I am so tired of the whole lot thinking they own the world and parking lots. But then again…all is fair in love war and parking lots.

  2. as if they weren’t offensive enough already!
    nobody NEEDS this type of vehicle.
    and i’ve heard that they (and all other suv’s) violate the “no trucks over xxxx pounds” restrictions on suburban streets where they commonly park/sleep/reside.
    umm – so – gas-guzzling, emissions-icky – and – more of our tax $ needed for street repairs.
    yay – not.

  3. The bad karma for keying a car is too immense to endorse or even consider – but there HAS to be something to do to people who do this. Suggestions?

  4. I was going to recommend the “I Park Like An Idiot” stickers, too. I just ordered my pack of stickers a couple of days ago.

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