For the love of Pete go to a professional

By now my root canal misfortunes are old news, but I do have to give props to my endo Dr George Bogen. He went to great lengths on my behalf. A lesser man would have given up, charged me the full fee, and sent me back to my dentist for an extraction.

Instead just look at what he removed from my head!

(yes, that’s really Dr George!)

Seriously, if I learned anything from this nightmare it’s NEVER GET A ROOT CANAL FROM A DENTIST. I don’t care if your dentist is the greatest guy in the world (as was mine) they Just Don’t Train for root canals. I don’t care if you see Bogen or not but please Please PLEASE see a specialist for a root canal.

Unless of course you want to end up there five years later anyway, full of pus, pulp stones, and stinking rotten tissue, spending two days at three hours a day under the dental dam with tiny files and other pointy objects repeatedly jammed in, screwed tight and then yanked out of your infected skull….

I didn’t think so.

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6 thoughts on “For the love of Pete go to a professional”

  1. No kidding, my dentist won’t do root canals and sends me to the endo as well. His theory is he wants me for the happy visits…not painful memories. My dentist is the absolute best with adults or kids. He even has a no interest finance plan if you can’t pay the whole works at once for that bridge and 2 crowns. (Note to self: stay away from those damn tooth destroying sweet tarts).
    James M Crabtree DDS
    612 W Duarte Road Ste 201
    Arcadia, CA 91007

  2. Oh Ruth where were you four years ago when my dentist did my root canal? Now I got a nasty infection that i have to get rid of as well and most likely have to get an implant. Greedy dentists suck!

  3. PLEASE go see Dr George – he told me that any other endo would have been written my tooth off as just too late and too fucked up to save, but he gave it a shot. I may still lose it but it feels so GOOD now that I would be surprised if that happened.

    And by “good” I mean I feel NOTHING there – for the first time in about five years.

    Many root canals fail – it’s not that dentists are so much greedy as ignorant. Any modern dentist knows when he’s out of his league and will refer you.

  4. Yeah i have seen an endo already, said there was a possibility that i had a crack in my tooth. He showed me the xrays and it did seem like a crack but it was too faint to be sure. He said i could get an apicoectomy (but most likely that would not help due my cracked tooth) or just go straight to getting a bridge or implant. He seemed to be pushing for a bridge(probably because he did not do implants) but i was mortified at the thought of a bridge yuck! If i do have to get the entire tooth extracted I am definitly going for an implant as it is the most permanent solution and also costs just a little more.

    I’d love to visit your endo based on you’re recomendation but at the moment I lack dental coverage so it’s either off to ucla or usc’s dental schools I go for half price surgery! I feel terrible and the infection has given me hyper tension and screwed my vision up as well. I can’t wait till i get the damn thing cleaned.

  5. Dr George has two prices for the “retreatment” on a root canal: either $1150 or $1250. Not suprising, mine was $1250 but considering how many hours it took I’d say he lost money on the deal.

    I don’t have dental insurance either, mostly because it doesn’t cover this stuff anyway and isn’t worth what you pay for it.

    See if you can get a “semi permanent” tooth installed instead of a bridge. A friend of mine has that and goes and gets it re-done every three years or so. Much cheaper plus you don’t have to put a crown on two teeth that may not need it.

    Implants are stupid expensive (I think SIX GRAND) and if there’s too much damage to your jaw it may not even work. A bridge does sound grandma-esque but it’s just one fake tooth anchored in between two real teeth – not a whole row of dentures.

    It’s also worth a call to see if Dr George can put you on a payment plan.

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