Shake that Bootie Thang

It’s hard to believe that Bootie has been happening in Los Angeles for a year. I still have the image of Smash-up Derby onstage sent to my phone by a friend who attended the first night. Since that blurry image I’ve made it to many a BootieLA night, and although I haven’t been a religious bootie attendee, this is the best club in LA.


Obviously, I’m not unbiased. As far as I’m concerned, mash-ups are the most creative thing happening in music. Now, not all mash-ups are good, but when they are good, they transcend the sum of the original music while shouting back to the source. I’ve enjoyed driving my convertible around Hollywood and Silverlake, subwoofer rumbling, speakers outputting Mannie Fresh, Peter Gabriel and Mr Big Stuff in the same second. It gives me goose bumps on a hot afternoon.

There are legal issues with mash-ups and bootlegs. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, that the music industry fights this genre for fear of losing out on revenue. From my personal experience they have it wrong. Mash-ups have increased my music spending, which might seem improbable because you can’t buy a mash-up. However you can buy the original material. And people do. I found myself downloading surprising singles because I got hooked on them from a mash-up. I’d never listen to Ashlee Simpson unless it was remixed with Hall and Oats.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. Bootie plays these mash-ups and they’ll make you move. If you want dance to the most creative music being made today, then you’ll be at the Echo on Saturday night, celebrating the 1 year celebration of Bootie in Los Angeles. I’ll be shaking my bootie in celebration.

Rockabilly Mag In-Store Signing

Does West Covina count as territory? If not, well then just go about your business and scroll down to the next post.

If so, and you got a hankerin’ why not check out the Rockabilly Magazine in-store signing TONIGHT at Tower Records in West Covina?

Editor Orlando Rios will be on hand, along with their pinup photographer, magazine Kittens Heidi Van Horne, Liza and more, and the bands 3 Bad Jacks and Big Sandy. No surprises – they will also have the new July/August issue on hand – hot off the presses and delivered to this event first.

So turn up your cuffs, grease up your wallet chain and head out to West Covina – it’s like Covina, only farther west!

Tower Records – West Covina, CA
Thursday, June 29th
7 P.M.
1205 Plaza Drive
West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 962-8707
(626) 814-2376

Homeless Pets vs. Homeless People

homelesswoman.jpgLos Angeles taxpayers are spending almost 50% as much for pet shelters as they are for homeless shelters…

Joel John Roberts at LA’s Homeless Blog recently expressed concern that pet shelters might be receiving more funding than homeless shelters:

I certainly feel that our society should make sure homeless pets are taken care of. Even if it costs $20.2 million per year in operating costs, and an additional $150 million in funds to build “state of the art animal care centers.”

But let’s make sure we also investment much more to build “state of the art homeless care centers” and housing that homeless people can afford. The County of Los Angeles plans to fund and locate five stabilization centers throughout the region. Yet, cities and neighborhoods are balking. If these were pet centers, there would be no objection.

According to Ed Boks of LA Animal Services, they have a “$20.2 million budget serving 3.9 million residents with eight new state of the art animal care centers soon to be opened throughout the City.”

I contacted Scott Ito at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority on how this compares to LA’s budget for homeless human shelters:
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Books from the Future

wired_found_thin.jpgI’m not sure if blog readers even remember what magazines are, but Wired Magazine is imagining that at least books will still be around for awhile. In the June 2006 issue, their monthly “Found: Artifacts from the Future” feature shows the self-help/do-it-yourself section from an imaginary bookstore in the not to distant future. While the featured titles appear to be the 2021 edition of the “Whole Mars Catalog” (retailing for $149) and “2- and 3- Brane Quantum Geometry for Dummies”, its the handful of other titles, and smaller details, that are evidence to “Found’s” frequent genius…

There’s a 12 step guide for World of Warcraft addicts by Friends of Bill W. Books, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Cyborgs”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Clone”, a Jennifer Tilly’s “The Way To Program Poker” for your celebrity poker-bot, among a full shelf of titles. Of special notice is “Dianetics Revisted: The Truth About Scientology” by Katie Holmes.

Click here for the full Wired photo.

Ugly Facts

garbage.jpgHere are a few plain facts – unwholesome truths, perhaps, in more than one sense – which we think it our duty to lay upon the powers that rule our municipal affairs. There are more odorous pestilence breeding nuisances in this city than in any other place of its size in the State of California, or perhaps in the world.

In a locality less favored than ours, people could not live as we live. But for the salubrious climate and almost constant seabreeze, a stench would pervade Los Angeles that would be as fatal to animal life as carbolic acid. But for our health-giving-foul-air purifying climate, our population would rapidly decrease, and the sombre sign of death would mark the door of almost every housewhere there is a family of children. Of our health and that of our families, we of this city are criminally negligent.

Strangers and tourists, visiting Los Angeles, boldly affirm it the dirtiest city they have ever seen…
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Why Scientology Is Good for Hollywood

My friend Alissa Walker from UnBeige wrote a post on DesignObserver awhile back that I’ve been meaning to link to. It’s called “Why Scientology is Good for Hollywood.” But before everybody starts freaking out, this is all about architecture and a rare chance to step inside the famed Celebrity Centre:

But if you live where I do, in the actual city of Hollywood, just a few blocks away from where the Oscars are held, you see the Church of Scientology as somewhat of a savior. Within a two-mile corridor along Hollywood Boulevard, the Church owns eight historic buildings, four of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. In a neighborhood where architectural triumphs evaporate with little remorse, Scientology is the most ardent preservationist force in town.

Actorbots, Role Out!

optimus.jpgThursday, Central Casting is holding an open casting call for the next year’s potentially disastrous Michael Bay production of Transformers. Unfortunately, they’re only looking for 16-17 year-olds and 18-23 year-olds that look like high school students. That’s too bad for all of us nerds that are now in our 30’s. Still, I wonder how many people will show up in their homemade costumes to audition for juicy roles like Bumblebee and Megatron?

Son, When I Was Your Age…

white.jpgSpotted this beauty during my first visit to the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo last weekend. Whenever people start going on about how much better it was in the gold ol’ days, this is the kind of thing that I think of immediately.

While I’m on the subject, the JANM is pretty interesting. The permanent exhibition is small-ish, but the bounty of information on the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans is worth the visit. Get a tour if you can. We listened in on one, and it was being given by an older man who had been interred, with his family, at the age of 18. He was three months away from graduating high school, and lived the rest of his life with no diploma. If I had kids, this is one of the places I’d be sure to take them to.

PDF: Pubilc Displays of Fireworks

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the impromptu displays of fireworks in their neighborhoods or not, I’m guessing they’ve been in celebration of the World Cup. But come this weekend there’ll be a lot of unsafe and insane flammables going up.


The LAFD is currently compiling a list of all the local public fireworks displays throughout the long holiday weekend. Until that’s up, you can check here: City Guide.

I plan on watching the Dodger’s fireworks from my roof on Tuesday night. What other displays out there are great … I’m wondering if anyone has been to the one in Redondo? I love fireworks over the water.

Individual Author Feeds Now Available

rssicon.pngDear Readers – This one is for you! (Since 99% of the stuff we post is for us). We now have individual RSS feeds for each author on every one of our blogs. This is super awesome news for the folks who read via RSS and completely useless news for those who don’t know what RSS is. Anyway, for those who are doing backflips just reading this, yes, it means what you think it means. Currently when you click on an authors name under their post you get a page with a short bio, a link to their own website, and a list of their recent posts – some people even have their photos there as well. Now, there’s also a link to a feed of only that authors recent posts. Are there some bloggers here that you love and others not so much? Or maybe you like everyone but really don’t want to miss posts by a certain few, or maybe you love the LA site in it’s entirety (we’re assuming that’s the case) but also have one person in San Francisco, two people in Chicago, and a friend in Melbourne that you like reading as well – well now you can choose to just read their posts. This has been a long standing request, and it’s something we’re super psyched to announce. Enjoy!

Lee Pratt Opening at Gail Harvey Gallery

photo: Balancoire, 2006, fiberglass, aluminum, lucite, 14″ x 41″ x 6″

New Work by Lee Pratt
July 8 – August 12, 2006

Lee Pratt is an sculptor and car builder based in LA’s Brewery complex.

In contrast to the inherent heavyness of any car, his scuptures are light and breezy, and almost reminds me of insects – feats of mechanical engineering all. To top it off, he’s been around forever (solo shows since 1990 and group shows since 1987), really knows his shit, and is also a great guy.

So why not go and show him some love?

Reception for the Artist:
July 8, 4-6 pm
Bergamot Station B-5
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404
(310) 829-9125

Gallery hours: Tues – Sat., 11:00 – 5:00
[email protected]

Greenberg Meltdown

Koga previously wrote about Jill Greenberg’s current “End Times” exhibit being promoted via the striking billboard at Melrose and Highland.

The exhibit’s controversial content has generated a fair amount of dialogue, but apparently not the kind for which Greenberg was hoping. As reported by Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing, get a load of photographers’ rights activist Thomas Hawk’s account of the overboard response Greenberg and her husband have had to his decidedly no-holds-barred criticism of Greenberg’s methods:

First she tries to discredit me as an insane person with personal problems who she doesn’t even think has kids (even though in my blog post about her I clearly state I’ve got four children, have photos of my four children up on flickr and elsewhere on my blog etc.) She tells this to a professional publication American Photo (whom I’ve asked for a retraction from and who never contacted me to verify her claims even though they pulled quotes from my same post that referenced that I had four kids).

Next, Jill tracks down my employer, an unrelated third party who has absolutely zero to do with my personal views and opinions and tries to apply pressure to get me to pull my post. She literally calls my boss this morning who has absolutely zero to do with any of my blogging. (By the way Jill, I blog from my own laptop on my own time). The last company who thought that they could intimidate me by involving my employer, an unrelated third party, went by the name PriceRitePhoto. I don’t think they are in business anymore but feel free to Google them to read the story.

And then her husband tells me that in his opinion I’m committing libel. I’m committing libel for having an opinion that what Jill is doing to these kids constitutes abuse. That to emotionally work these kids up is abusive. My opinion Robert Green. He goes on to tell me that if I want to discuss this further that I get a lawyer.

Make Way for the Computers!


It’s official – make way for the new world.

A truck over-flowing with old typewriters was seen heading south on the 110 this afternoon. Make no mistake, computers have officially taken over the world and typewriters are 1900s news. Somewhere in LA some undiscovered old fashioned would-be screen writer who dreams of the great american novel sobs silently.

One more pic after the jump…
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LA Animal Services – Doing More for the Little Ones

LA Animal Services
Pet of the Day

Adopt a pet today!

Big thanks to LA Observed for pointing me to two valuable sources for adopting pets in Los Angeles. One is that the LA Animal Serives cheif Ed Boks, who admiringly is working on making LA animal shelters “no kill”, has his own blog. The second is a new took that allows other blogs to post a bulletin of sorts with the LA Services “Pet of the Day.” How can you resist that face? The code on their site will…

…randomly give you every available animal in all of the LA City Animal shelters. You see a new animal every time you refresh or revisit the page. When they click the photo of the animal, they go to the detail page where they can see all the information for that animal.

You can view only cats, dogs or other animals such as bunnies, snakes, birds.

Having grown up with adopted dogs and having two dogs of my own (arguably the cutest dogs in existence who are actually sitting in my lap as I type this), one I got from a breeder and the other I rescued from the IMPS, I realized how important it is to give these little ones a second chance. Really, unless you want to show dogs, getting them from pet stores or backyard breeders is irresponsible. Plus, the stereotype is true – the little rescued ones really do appreciate life a little differently!