Those are some Hot Tomatoes!

TW-Tomato.jpg I grow tomatoes. It soothes me to hang in the garden when the sun is setting and just be quiet with the lizards darting around. Right now, I have 10 plants, six different varieties. And this year, they are simply out of control. Maybe it’s the early hot weather, maybe I’m just blessed, but this monster here was a seed that I put in a pot on March 1st! Okay, okay, here’s my secret: I grow worms and make compost with seaweed….. It’s now taller than me, (I’m 5’8) and I should harvest my first red one in two weeks or so. I can’t wait to haul out the Miracle Whip and make a fat, sloppy tomato sandwich!

Early Girl, San Diego, Big Boy, Better Boy, Sweet Yellow Cherries….but my favorite that I can’t wait to taste, is a new one for me, a heirloom variety that my family back down south has been growing and saving the seeds for 80 years! When my uncle in Georgia found out I was growing tomatoes, (and boy was he shocked that a city girl could grow) he sent me the family “Moody Tomato” (it’s an old family name) seeds with the warning that now I had to save seeds and pass them around. So if you want to help start the Moody Hollywood Strain, let me know!