The 99 Essential LA Restaurants

LA Weekly published their 99 Essential LA Restaurants for 2006.


I looked over the list and have to say that I was pleased with Jonathan Gold’s representation of haute and casual, a broad range of cuisines and he seem to have covered most of the basin except for places like Long Beach and San Pedro.

But I’ve only eaten at six of these restaurants. 6 out of 99. I liked all of them except one. I’m of two minds about that. One part of me loves it when an outside authority validates my taste … but then again, I don’t like it when my favorite place gets mobbed with people and loses some of the charms that I knew and loved.

7 thoughts on “The 99 Essential LA Restaurants”

  1. I’ve eaten at 10, which makes me think this must be a pretty well balanced list since I’m cheap as hell. :)

  2. Oh dear. I’ve only eaten at one of them. I recognize several as places my husband has been, but that is hardly the same thing.

  3. I’ve eaten at 10, liked all but one (Pink’s, go figure), with quite a few I’ve meant to try for several years but never got around to doing.

    Saddle Peak Lodge should have been on that list.

  4. blah blah blah… who cares how many YOU have been to? whaaa you sumpin special?

  5. Ate at Father’s Office last night and I think it may be the best burger I’ve ever had. Now I can say I’ve been to 10.

  6. Thank GOD those restaurants in SaMo, the westside, hollywood, and various approved parts of LA are finally getting the attention they deserve.

    I wonder what people who live more than a few miles from either the 10 (that’d be the 10 WEST of downtown of course, with a few exceptions) or the 101 do for food? Travel far, I suppose.

    If I ever saw a top 99 or 100 list that actually included places throughout the actual city or even the greater LA area I’d print out this post and eat it.

    One time, though, to be fair, the LA Mag list included a restaurant in Torrance. The very thought!

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