Supeman Returns featuring . . .Jax?

superchildjax.jpgLike so many other people in LA, I went to go see Superman Returns this week. That, in and of itself has nothing to do with LA, BUT did anyone else who saw the film notice that Jason White (played by Tristan Lake Leabu looks uncannily like LA music blogger Jax who runs Rock Insider? I’ve prepared this image to prove my point. Now, realize, I could find NO pictures of this kid online, so these angles aren’t exactly ideal, but I still think you’ll see the likeness. Clearly, you’ll have to go see the movie to get the full-effect, but c’mon, who’s with me?

UPDATE! The Gray Kid points out that Rock Insider was mantioned in an Entertainment Weekly (which Koga posted about here) featuring Superman on the cover. Coincidence!? I think not.

2 thoughts on “Supeman Returns featuring . . .Jax?”

  1. hell i’ll take it. at least I look like a 5 yr old boy and not a football or some kind of hill billy character.

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