Too lazy to eat?


Then you’ve got to check out Kentucky Fried Chicken‘s new FAMOUS BOWLS.

Much like the toilet they harken, this taste treat is nothing more (or less) than a bucket of all but pre-digested processed “foods” from KFC.

Want fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn on the cob? Too lazy to gnaw the greasy fried rat off the bone, the corn off the cob, or just slop up them mashed taters? Then this bucket o’ shit is right up your alley.

And a shoutout to Hudson for bringing this to my attention during our Misanthropes Anonymous meeting at Musso and Frank.

6 thoughts on “Too lazy to eat?”

  1. I have had this. It is REALLY REALLY good. Apparently, though, you can get it with Rice instead of mashed potatoes, but they don’t have it available at my local KFC.

  2. ewww and ewww!
    i guess “embarassing slop bucket” didn’t go over well in the test marketing?
    (sorry, freedom fighter. just not my cup of tea.)

  3. They should just put a big plastic tube on the bottom of the bowl, and market it as a “KFC Shit-Bong”.

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