Shake that Bootie Thang

It’s hard to believe that Bootie has been happening in Los Angeles for a year. I still have the image of Smash-up Derby onstage sent to my phone by a friend who attended the first night. Since that blurry image I’ve made it to many a BootieLA night, and although I haven’t been a religious bootie attendee, this is the best club in LA.


Obviously, I’m not unbiased. As far as I’m concerned, mash-ups are the most creative thing happening in music. Now, not all mash-ups are good, but when they are good, they transcend the sum of the original music while shouting back to the source. I’ve enjoyed driving my convertible around Hollywood and Silverlake, subwoofer rumbling, speakers outputting Mannie Fresh, Peter Gabriel and Mr Big Stuff in the same second. It gives me goose bumps on a hot afternoon.

There are legal issues with mash-ups and bootlegs. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, that the music industry fights this genre for fear of losing out on revenue. From my personal experience they have it wrong. Mash-ups have increased my music spending, which might seem improbable because you can’t buy a mash-up. However you can buy the original material. And people do. I found myself downloading surprising singles because I got hooked on them from a mash-up. I’d never listen to Ashlee Simpson unless it was remixed with Hall and Oats.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. Bootie plays these mash-ups and they’ll make you move. If you want dance to the most creative music being made today, then you’ll be at the Echo on Saturday night, celebrating the 1 year celebration of Bootie in Los Angeles. I’ll be shaking my bootie in celebration.