CD13 Can Bring It!

As many of you may or may not know, has a team entered in this year’s Lotus Festival Dragon Boat Races. We’re racing at 1pm on Saturday July 8th, and the bloggers (me, Heather, Markland and Joz, who is in the photo with Eric Garcetti at right) will be joined by Mack from LAVoice, Shannon from Sha in LA and some of our beloved readers.

However, it has come to our attention today that the Council District 13 team is talking smack about us, on orders from their leader, Eric Garcetti. He’s got his henchmen bragging about their rowing prowess on LAVoice comments. And Central City East says he hopes the CD13 team can back up their claims to the title of “Rulers of the Lake”.

However, we’ve got two factors on our side. First of all, Councilman Garcetti won’t be in his district’s boat this year to compete. But, more importantly, we have the heart and the moxie and the determination to win. I did not go to years of Girl Guide canoe camp just to get beaten in this race. We’re not racing directly against CD13 – they’re in the political competitions, and we’re in the media races – but we’ll be comparing times later on.

We’re also calling out for cheering and supporters. So for those of you not racing with us, come on out and cheer for us. We’ll be racing at 1pm on Saturday the 8th, and everyone’s welcome to join us for breakfast at the Brite Spot beforehand. We’ll be there to strategize and carb-load at 11am, in preparation for our dash across the lake.

Hey, CD13 – it’s already been brought.

3 thoughts on “CD13 Can Bring It!”

  1. For the record, since I live just north of Franklin Blvd, CD 13 stares me in the face every day.
    That said, not only will I be rowing with, I’ll be rowing for Tom LaBonge’s CD 4.

    So, yeah, future Mayor Garcetti – bring it on!

    Of course, I hear you won’t even be in attendance… don’t know how you can bring it while you’re hiding!

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