Why Scientology Is Good for Hollywood

My friend Alissa Walker from UnBeige wrote a post on DesignObserver awhile back that I’ve been meaning to link to. It’s called “Why Scientology is Good for Hollywood.” But before everybody starts freaking out, this is all about architecture and a rare chance to step inside the famed Celebrity Centre:

But if you live where I do, in the actual city of Hollywood, just a few blocks away from where the Oscars are held, you see the Church of Scientology as somewhat of a savior. Within a two-mile corridor along Hollywood Boulevard, the Church owns eight historic buildings, four of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. In a neighborhood where architectural triumphs evaporate with little remorse, Scientology is the most ardent preservationist force in town.

8 thoughts on “Why Scientology Is Good for Hollywood”

  1. That’s all fine and dandy, and I applaud preserving historic architecture and the contribution to the city’s economy but in my mind, nothing can camouflage the Scientology debacle now known as Tom Cruise!

    Nicole – You go girl! Way to recover!!

  2. Hey Knock Tom Cruise if you have to put someone down to bring your self up, but he is responsible for over a Billion People being introduced to Scientology. That is a Good thing, even though you don’t know it yet, But you will in time. It is obviously is what is going to save our buts. The buildings are just a tip of the ice burg of the caliber of beings Scientologists are, that you are failing to recognize. But you will in time…

  3. Just to clarify to Alissa’s statement…

    There is no “actual city of Hollywood.” Actual community: yes; actual city: no. Actual “State of Mind”: yes; actual city: no. Actual Distinct Culture: yes; actual city: no.

    Well, I take it back: there is an “actual city of Hollywood,” but that’s in Florida. I think she was talking about Los Angeles’ Hollywood, a community of the City of L.A.!

  4. Thank you LA Nerd for the clarification. I was thinking the same thing. And after living in Hollywood for several years, it is best described as a “state of mind.”

    As for Scientoglists, though they can be annoying. They do seem to keep areas around their buildings extremely clean which to me, means they get a few bonus points.

  5. There’s a great comment by ex-CRA architect John Kaliski in the original post by Alissa where he gives some backstory on the process by which the CoS was forced to preserve their buildings by the city. In reality, any owner of historic buildings that the Cos currently owns would have been forced to preserve and maintain those structures.

  6. Oops! Sorry – I got confused –

    (must be all the thetans)

    I meant Diamonddille’s spelling!

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