PDF: Pubilc Displays of Fireworks

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the impromptu displays of fireworks in their neighborhoods or not, I’m guessing they’ve been in celebration of the World Cup. But come this weekend there’ll be a lot of unsafe and insane flammables going up.


The LAFD is currently compiling a list of all the local public fireworks displays throughout the long holiday weekend. Until that’s up, you can check here: City Guide.

I plan on watching the Dodger’s fireworks from my roof on Tuesday night. What other displays out there are great … I’m wondering if anyone has been to the one in Redondo? I love fireworks over the water.

4 thoughts on “PDF: Pubilc Displays of Fireworks”

  1. New to LA… was wondering what fireworks display is the most stupendous… is it the Americafest in Pasadena? The one in Marina del Rey?

  2. And by the way, the fireworks you hear in the hoods always begin a week or so before the 4th.

    Yes, its illegal.

  3. you must live near me. We’re on top oh a pretty large hill in highland park, so we get a great illegal fireworks display. They’re really going at it tonight.

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